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To All
the Lovers


Slade School of Fine Art MFA show

Performed by Ilona Balaga, Laura Dethloff,

Rafael Escradó, ,Frances Gillard, Shai Rapoport, Penn Ryan

Movement director: Adi Gortler

Sound collaboration with Gilbert Broid

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wall+light copy_edited.jpg
confetti 2_edited.jpg

To All the Lovers is a group performance responding to the ever-changing energy of the city, where relations form and fall apart, where each action becomes part of a layered history created by different groups and individuals.


In the performance the characters use the brick-structures as a playground, claiming it for their own while interacting and responding to each other and to the space in a playful manner. Their presence charges the space with reviving energy, anonymity and separateness turn into genuine interaction while in each performance the space accumulates another layer; posters are hung on the wall or are painted over in white paint, cement is poured and chewing gums are stuck onto the structures.


Combining personal and social narratives, intertwining the holy with the mundane, the work refers to the public space as a dynamic arena where different forces operate, narratives and communities are built, and where resistance or solidarity are performed. 

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