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This is Not a Film about Water


09:15" single channel video 

Created for Uncomfortable Hope Pavilion 

The Wrong Biennale, 5th Edition

Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 13.17.09.png

Uncomfortable Hope is an online pavilion created for the wrong biennale curated by Akshay & Isabella Bhoan, that explores a parallel ecological reality founded on ideas of being uncomfortable. The exhibition aims to investigate concepts that reject human convenience, efficiency, luxury, and practicality, instead focusing on reimagining a state of potentiality, not a dystopia but a non-utopia that purges all notions of utilitarian experiential indulgence.

‘This is not a film about water’ delves into the visual appearances and physical theories of two types of water flows: Laminar Flow - characterized as an orderly flow regime, and Turbulent Flow - a flow running in an irregular and stochastic manner, characterized by chaotic changes in pressure and flow velocity.


The work assembles a collection of different video clips found online, in a composition that portrays the everlasting conflict of order and chaos through the dichotomy of the two water flows. It suggests a social viewpoint on the internet- its source material, as a texture that in its modes of operation, holds both types of flow regimes under the same entity. 

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