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Eye of the Storm


performed @ Balcont, Tel-Aviv

Eye of the Storm Solo Exhibition

20:00" performance

Performed by Carmel Barnea Brezner, Gal Levinson, Gilad Shahar and Ilona Balaga

Short documentation of the performance which took place during the opening event of the solo exhibition ‘Eye of the Storm’ on December 20th 2018 at Balcont, Tel-Aviv.


A group of four performers clad in brown paper bags occupies the exhibition space. They move around the room while quietly observing the visitors. Watching from above, taking videos on their phone, or standing still and watching, the presence of the group created an atmosphere of ambiguous hostility. The performance ended by the dispersal of the group into the street. 

Videography: Ben Kirschenbaum

Video Editing: Omer Biton

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