Installation, 2016, Wallpaper, bronze, ceramics, sugar and found objects.


Reflecting upon relations of power and control, 6047493 is an installation depicting a multifaceted Capitalist reality. 


Wall- 3.5 m²  wallpaper of different charts of the stock market.

Floor- 25 kg bag of Tate Lyle sugar, ceramic rib cage.

Chopsticks wrap, 'Le Bombardier' march chart, Cameroun stamp.

Wall piece - 'Best In' brand's advertising strip.

Bronze plastic bag.

Ceramic rib-cage and sugar.

Dead bee tea towel.

From top right: British Air skies, notice board, Brave Soul clothes tag, islands for sale ad, 1p with with a paper clip, collage with a plastic spoon, army tag, cactus on shelf.